Our Lady Healer of Hearts Restores Hope in Jamaica

Project Leader:

Sister Uchenne Ajaero, Esq.

Sister Uchenne works closely with her congregation to help build bridges of faith and hope in communities in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Jamaica. They seek out those who need help with compassion. Their outreach includes distribution of food, housing, education, and medical care. The needs are endless, and the poverty is extreme. The Sisters of Our Lady of Healer Hearts need much support to heal brokenness and need for evangelization. Please help support Sister Uchenne’s efforts with a gift of $25 that helps buy bibles for children. The Sisters can operate an animation program and care for families!



of $5,000 raised

Robert donated $50.

Fabiola donated $25.

Miss donated $10.

Hanh donated $50.

Edward donated $50.

Jo donated $250.

Anthony donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

JOSEPH ANTHONY donated $20.

Paige donated $5.

Anonymous donated $50.

Walter donated $50.

Anonymous donated $3.

Matilde donated $50.

Henry donated $50.

James donated $50.

Peter donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps provide basic medicine
  • $100 helps distribute food staples
  • $250 transport to rural communities to teach

Project Updates

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Giving to our mission is like giving the Mother of God a bouquet of Roses.

2 days ago

Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Victory Pray for us and for all those who support us from the kindness of their hearts.

3 days ago

Robert donated $50.

5 days ago

Project Leader:

Uchenne Ajaero, ESQ.
Robert thank the Lord for your goodness and kindness. We love you. Thank you.

3 days ago

Fabiola donated $25.

7 days ago

Project Leader:

Uchenne Ajaero, ESQ.
Fabiola, Thank you so much for your generosity and love. I will be praying for you.

5 days ago

Our Help is in the name of the Lord who created the Heavens and the Earth

8 days ago

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