Building a Rescue Centre, Kenya

Project Leader:

Sister Winifred Nkanya

I am Sister Winfred Nkanya from Nazareth Sisters working at the border of Isiolo and Meru County children's home known as Jesus Mary and Joseph. The home is based in the border of Meru and Isiolo county in the Eastern part of Kenya. For the most part people living in this area are nomadic pastoralists. They have no cash crops and the place is very dry with no rain. The place is inhabited by the following tribes: Ameru, Samburu, Turkana and Borana and most are Islamic and few Christians within the town. For many reasons they are unable to provide their children with a formal education. Our centre was started in 1994 with 30 children. Girls are trained in tailoring, dress making, culinary, and general hygiene. Boys are trained in shoe mending, art, and craft jobs. With humbleness we request your financial support to help repair and expand the centre making it a safe haven for all children in need. Thank you and may God bless you.



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Hanh donated $50.

Peggy donated $50.

HANH donated $50.

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What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps provide school supplies
  • $100 helps buy uniforms and foot wear
  • $250 helps buy materials: cement, bricks, tools
  • $500 helps secure labor and transport

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Hanh donated $50.

14 hours ago

Peggy donated $50.

17 days ago

Dear friends. Thank you for your continuous support toward this noble project of constructing a rescue centre for our highly at risk girls to sexual violence which is our current biggest challenge. six girls are already mothers due to rape, with our most recent case being a 13yrs old girl with down syndrome being raped and is under counselling sections and medical attention. Many are at risk but we have little to do at the moment, though aggressively doing community education and advocacy against this violations and discrimination on this specially challenged children. We are hopeful that the centre will be running come mid year 2022.We continue to appeal to you for your financial support so as to kick off the project. Attached are photos of two of our girls who are already mothers, first girl with cerebral palsy and the second one is blind. Thank you.God bless you.

24 days ago

3 months ago

This was an occasion of a feeding program due to the drought that is being experienced for two years. We had no rains for two years and people in this area have experienced a lot of drought ,this area has no water, no electricity and the roads are bad. in terms of economy they are very much behind. In this area there are so many mentally and physically challenged children, because of luck of nutrition and poor management of mothers when they are pregnant and are not able to reach hospital wen they need to go to hospital . The girls we are aiming to build a rescue centre are from this community and most of them have children who are mentally challenged to. My humble request is to request you to continue donating funds ,so that we can be able to accomplish our mission of building a rescue centre. Thankyou ,God bless you.

3 months ago

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