Program for Maasai Girls Post Covid 19, Kenya

Project Leader:

Reverend Ambrose Musyoka

I am Father Ambrose Musyoka, a Catholic priest working among the Maasai community in Narok, Kenya. Due to the pandemic schools have been closed and young schoolgirls are being neglected in the community. The common practice of arranged marriages and early pregnancies is a serious concern. The existing laws against underage girls marrying are not enforced because vast areas are inaccessible. The Catholic Church through the commission of justice and peace (CJPC) has started a program called, Maasai Girls Post Covid-19 Restoration Program. The objective of this program is to educate the community about the importance of learning and offer victims psychological counseling. One of the mandates is to support both the mother and the child by providing hygiene products, clothes for newborns, school uniforms, basic sustenance, and pastoral care. A gift of $25 helps buy soap and cloths.



of $5,000 raised

Jean donated $50.

Neil donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

Patti donated $50.

Kenneth donated $25.

nancy donated $25.

Don donated $25.

Janet donated $15.

Michele donated $50.

Anonymous donated $250.

Chandrawiguna donated $100.

Anonymous donated $100.

Anonymous donated $250.

Dara donated $50.

Jeannie donated $50.

Edward donated $50.

Denise donated $25.

Patti donated $50.

Jordi donated $25.

Leo P donated $50.

Joan donated $50.

Janet donated $250.

Deborah donated $25.

christine donated $50.

Louise donated $50.

Steph donated $50.

Edwin donated $25.

Alexander donated $35.

Florence donated $10.

Stephan donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Judith donated $100.

Nicholas donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

Gerard donated $50.

Alan donated $50.

Gail donated $25.

Hanh donated $50.

Mary Jo donated $50.

Anonymous donated $250.

Chandrawiguna donated.

Margaret donated $25.

Linda donated $5.

Paige donated $50.

Paula donated $50.

Carlos donated.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps buy packets of basic medicines
  • $100 helps buy infant formula
  • $250 helps operate program

Project Updates

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Jean donated $50.

3 days ago

Project Leader:

Ambrose Musyoka
Dear Jean,thanks so much for your donation.The donation will buy sanitary pads for for 5 girls for one school term.@ 1,000/- Be blessed

2 days ago

Neil donated $25.

3 days ago

Project Leader:

Ambrose Musyoka
Thanks so much Neil. Your donation will buy stationery for 2 girls for one school year @1,250/- Be blessed

3 days ago

Hello dear friends,in the picture below is some of girls with their parents,still at home awaiting to go back to school.

5 days ago

Anonymous donated $50.

9 days ago

Project Leader:

Ambrose Musyoka
Thanks so much dear friend for the your support towards our parish project. Your donation will buy school uniform for 2 girls @2,500/- Be blessed

7 days ago

Hello Patti,Thanks so much for your donation to support our girls in reopening schools. Your donation will buy sanitary pads for 5 girls for one school term @ 1000/- May God bless you.

9 days ago

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