Equipment for Mary Immaculate Health Center, Kenya

Project Leader:

Sister Sr. Justine Nyawira Muriuki

Mary Immaculate Health Center is run by the sisters of Mary Immaculate in the Diocese of Eldoret. We are in the rural areas where access to health care is a challenge. The health center started a maternal care unit where both pre-natal and post-natal services are offered. We have a small delivery room which is not fully equipped. The community we serve is a community that still believes in traditional medicine and home deliveries are very common. We have a number of teenage pregnancies and child led families due to the high numbers of young girls getting married at a young age. The facility serves these communities, and the greatest challenge is that we do not have a fully equipped maternity. The small delivery bed in the labor ward is not adequate and we also lack the required equipment in the labor ward. There is no other health facility nearby, and in cases of emergency the nearest government facility is 30 Km away. Your gift of $25 can help buy a hospital bed.



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Astrid donated.

STEPHEN donated $50.

Kathryn donated $25.

Luz donated.

Anonymous donated $100.

Laura donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

Gerard donated $25.

Anonymous donated $150.

Joseph donated $100.

Kenneth donated $25.

John donated $25.

Margaret donated $25.

Mark donated $25.

Maria donated.

Mary Ann donated $50.

JOHN donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Annette donated $50.

Nicholas donated $50.

Margus donated $25.

Ronald donated $25.

Mary Ann donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

Fr. donated $2,180.

Alice donated.

Nancy donated $50.

Jesse donated $25.

Craig donated $50.

Anonymous donated $250.

Anonymous donated $50.

Todd donated $50.

Carole donated $50.

Hanh donated $50.

Joseph donated $250.

hanh donated $50.

John and Shelley donated $100.

Daniel donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps buy lines and pillows
  • $150 helps buy 2 beds
  • $250 helps secure medical examinations

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Fr. shared.

28 months ago

Astrid donated.

31 months ago

STEPHEN donated $50.

31 months ago

Kathryn donated $25.

31 months ago

Luz donated.

31 months ago

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Raised: $2,480