Help Children Receive An Education, Kenya

Project Leader:

Reverend Daniel Kiriti

Father Daniel Kiriti in the Diocese of Nakuru manages the Empower the World Foundation. For years, through this groundwork, he has helped countless orphan children and those from poor families have access to high school and post high school education. Through this program, scholarships have allowed vulnerable communities to send their kids to learn. Financial support for school fees is a blessing! Yet, many, many families still need assistance in securing uniforms, and school supplies. In the case of boarding schools, toiletries, bedding and personal hygiene must be supplied by the families in order for the students to be able to start school. Please consider helping this project. A gift of $ 25 will help one girl receive a school care package.



of $3,500 raised

Anonymous donated $50.

Jeannie donated $50.

ANTHONY donated $50.

Joan donated $100.

Timothy donated $15.

Paula C donated $50.

David donated $25.

Mark donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

Edwin donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

Vincent donated $50.

Thomas donated $50.

Anne donated $100.

liza donated $5.

Thomas donated $50.

Anonymous donated $15.

Naomi R donated $50.

Elizabeth donated $25.

Anonymous donated $100.

John donated $500.

Anne Marie donated $50.

Carole donated $50.

Klara donated $50.

Scott donated $50.

Virginia donated $25.

Thomas donated $100.

Margaret donated $50.

Anonymous donated $200.

Leo P donated $50.

Matthew donated $25.

Jeannie donated $100.

Thomas donated $300.

nancy donated $25.

Margus donated $25.

LuAnn donated $50.

Joseph and Ruth donated $25.

Vicki donated $100.

Mark donated $50.

Lawrence donated $100.

Mario donated $100.

Anonymous donated $100.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps buy personal hygiene products
  • $100 helps buy fabric for uniforms
  • $150 helps buy linens and footwear
  • $250 helps buy each student a welcome backpack

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Daniel shared.

27 months ago

Anonymous donated $50.

29 months ago

Jeannie donated $50.

29 months ago

ANTHONY donated $50.

29 months ago

Joan donated $100.

29 months ago

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