A vehicle to offer care for vulnerable, Kenya

Project Leader:

Reverend Ambrose Musyoka

I’m Fr. Ambrose and for the last 8 years I have been working among the Maasai community who are largely pastoralists. They move from one place to another in search of pastures and water for their livestock. In most cases the women and children are left behind in the village while men move on to the wilderness for grazing and to protect the livestock from wild animals. The project is aimed to raise funds to purchase a vehicle for the parish that will be used like an ambulance and at the same time serve these vulnerable communities with pastoral care. Please consider supporting this project so that we may be able to assist with first aid, rescue in case of wildlife attacks, travel to celebrate sacraments and give instruction in evangelization programs. A gift of $25 will help start the work.



of $5,000 raised

Donna donated $25.

Hanh donated $50.

Margaret donated $100.

Ann donated $25.

nancy donated $25.

Mary Ann donated $50.

Jeannie donated $100.

Anonymous donated $50.

Astrid donated.

STEPHEN donated $50.

Charles donated $50.

William donated $100.

Sandra donated $25.

Pat donated $100.

Father David donated $20.

Mary donated $250.

Anonymous donated $500.

Jacqueline donated $50.

Mark donated $25.

Edwin donated $25.

Elizabeth donated $10.

Edward donated $10.

What your donation can do!

  • $100 will help buy Mass travelling kits and First Aid
  • $150 will help with fuel for a month
  • $250 will help with documents / registration
  • $500 will help with the purchase of vehicle

Project Updates

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Fr Ambrose undertaking some of mission month activities, mass celebration and sharing a cup of tea with marginalized families

7 days ago

Donna donated $25.

8 days ago

Project Leader:

Ambrose Musyoka
Hello Donna, thanks so much for your financial assistance towards our parish project to purchase the vehicle for outreach programs for the old and vulnerable people in our community. God bless you

7 days ago

Fr Ambrose blessing the food donated by caritas to the children and the old to mark the mission month

8 days ago

Hanh donated $50.

9 days ago

Project Leader:

Ambrose Musyoka
Thanks so much Hanh for your support towards our parish project to purchase the vehicle to help the vulnerable people in outreach social and medical care services. May God bless you abundantly

8 days ago

Dear friends, Our project has stuck for a while,help me to invite more supporters

14 days ago

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