Program to Harvest Rainwater, Kenya

Project Leader:

Reverend Charles Simbeh

Father Charles Chaneku Simbeh of the St. Ursula Chamakanga Parish is leading this project that aims to gather support for a safe water effort on behalf of the people there. In order to carry this out, the goal is to develop a rainwater harvesting system with clean catchments and storage tanks. Then, families could receive reusable water receptacles where they could store clean, drinking water for cooking and hygiene. A gift of $25 can help buy disinfection treatment.



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Anonymous donated $2,000.

Geralyn donated $50.

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Thomas donated $170.

Joseph donated $250.

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What your donation can do!

  • $10 helps buy gutter for harvesting of water
  • $20 helps secure plumbing labor
  • $50 helps buy pipes and tabs
  • $100 helps buy commercial water tanks

Project Updates

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From Chamakanga, is huge heartfelt gratitude for the fully completed rain water harvesting with four storage plastic tanks and two water pumps! May Yahweh reward the Missio Fraternity for the good you have done for Chamakanga parish community! CF.1 Sam.24:20 With deep gratitude, Fr. Charles Simbeh.

24 months ago

Dear Missio Fraternity, I wish to report on the implementation of harvesting rain water project that is underway. We began yesterday after purchases of heavy PVC gutters and pipes, tanks, cement and two pumps. The At. Ursula's Chamakanga parish community is overly excited and already in celebration mood! We thank you as we update you on every detail and progress! With gratitude, Rev. Fr. Charles Simbe.

26 months ago

26 months ago

"May Yahweh repay you(missio team: Geralyn and all) for what you have done and may you be richly rewarded by Yahweh, the God of Israel.. (RUTH 2:12).

29 months ago

Anonymous donated $2,000.

29 months ago

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