Emergency Installation of Solar System, Pakistan

Project Leader:

Reverend Shamas Simon

St. Francis Parish is one of the poorest parishes within the Diocese of Faisalabad. The majority of the people living here are daily wagers working at brick kilns and at the places of proprietors. The electricity load-shedding in Pakistan has intensified as the power shortfall crossed 6,000 Mega Watts, creating problems for the masses in the sweltering summer. This massive power outage has gripped many parts of the country, especially the villages. The villages routinely go without electricity for many hours. The weather during summer remains is sultry and dry with temperatures fluctuating between 30 degrees Celsius to 48 degrees Celsius. People are still extraordinarily strong in their Catholic Faith and love to attend daily and Sunday Masses regularly. If solar system is installed in the Parish, a proper atmosphere could be given to these poor people who come to Church for Mass and also prevent them from getting sick due to scorching hot weather. Every little donation will give a new hope to these people and enable them to grow more in their Catholic Faith.



of $5,000 raised

Eilish donated $50.

Anonymous donated $500.

Dolores donated $25.

Alfred donated $25.

Marie donated $20.

Catalina donated $50.

John donated $20.

Peter donated $50.

Chris donated $25.

Father David donated $20.

Lilia donated $100.

Catherine donated $25.

JoAnne donated $25.

Michelle donated $50.

Gina donated $50.

Elsa donated $25.

Jonathan donated $250.

David donated $50.

Mark donated $50.

Paul donated $25.

FRANCES donated $25.

Carrie donated $50.

Colleen donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

Vivek donated $100.

David donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

Madeline donated $50.

Paula donated $100.

Matthew donated $5.

Anonymous donated $100.

Edwin donated $25.

imad donated $50.

Anonymous donated $100.

Peter donated $50.

Janice donated $50.

Chris donated $50.

Mary Ann donated $50.

Anonymous donated $5.

Larry donated $100.

Sharon Lee donated $100.

Gerard donated $25.

Mark donated $50.

Valerie donated $100.

Victoria donated $15.

Kathryn donated $25.

Elise donated $50.

Anonymous donated $115.

John donated $50.

Anonymous donated $20.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps buy wires
  • $50 helps manufacture iron stands
  • $100 helps buy a solar panel
  • $250 helps pay labor for installation of solar system

Project Updates

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I would like to thank each and every person who donated towards this cause of installing a Solar System in St Francis parish, Francisabad Pakistan. You're donations have enabled us to give a proper atmosphere of prayer to the people of the parish. Installation of this system near to Christmas is like a Big Christmas gift for the poor parishioners. The people of my parish are extremely thankful to MISSIO and all the donors who contributed their part towards this project. May Baby Jesus bless you all Fr. Shamas Simon

18 months ago

18 months ago

Eilish donated $50.

22 months ago

Anonymous donated $500.

22 months ago

Dolores donated $25.

22 months ago

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