Send Help after Monsoons in Pakistan

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Pope Francis

Monsoon rains have caused catastrophic floods and landslides across Pakistan. In just a three-week span more than 60 percent of the usual rainy season has fallen. “The loss of life, the suffering, the destruction of homes, bridges, roads, crops, and livelihoods is enormous and serious. Citizens, especially farmers and the poorest, urgently need humanitarian assistance,” said Archbishop Joseph Arshad of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, and President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Pakistan. “Thousands of people, especially the most vulnerable, are facing internal displacement and need help to survive.” Pakistan recorded a total of 375.4mm of rain, nearly triple the national average over the past 30 years. There are more than 222,000 displaced people in camps and temporary settlements. “Do not leave us alone in this hour of pain and need,” said the Archbishop. The government declared a state of emergency and Pope Francis has invited the international community to support Pakistan. The Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States, using the established protocols, will ensure effective distribution of funds donated by the faithful to assist people in great desperation. Please help sustain the work of those who will bring relief to brothers and sisters who have lost everything, family, livelihoods, their homes.



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Anonymous donated $40.

Jain donated $50.

HIEN donated $2,000.

Diana donated $50.

Maria Alejandra donated $5.

Stephen donated $50.

Erik donated $96.

Anthony donated $25.

Mateo donated $50.

Amanda donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

John donated $25.

Jean donated $50.

janina donated $100.

Daehyun donated $270.

Sarah donated $25.

Jacque donated $100.

Charles donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

Flora T. Y donated.

Anthony donated $50.

Donna donated $20.

Joanne donated $50.

KATHLEEN donated $50.

Mary donated $25.

Haifa donated $50.

Mary Ann donated $50.

Elizabeth donated $50.

Richard donated $50.

Edward donated $40.

Anonymous donated $100.

Linda donated $50.

Anonymous donated $200.

Francesco donated $25.

Carol donated $100.

Ann donated $100.

Helen donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Tiffany donated $500.

Cathy donated $50.

Hugh donated $25.

Mary Ellen donated $50.

Anonymous donated $100.

Stephan donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

Mary Ann B donated $100.

Kathy donated $50.

Michelle donated $50.

Linda donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps buy powdered milk
  • $50 helps buy a tent and blankets
  • $100 helps buy clothes and footwear
  • $150 will help buy mosquito nets and dry food
  • $250 will help buy basic medicine and hygiene products

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Anonymous donated $40.

22 hours ago

Jain donated $50.

1 day ago

HIEN donated $2,000.

2 days ago

Diana donated $50.

4 days ago

Maria Alejandra donated $5.

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