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Pope Francis

Due to the grave situation currently unfolding in Pakistan, our brothers and sisters in Christ are enduring severe persecution. This violence has escalated significantly, as demonstrated by the devastating attacks perpetrated on August 16 in the town of Jaranwala, near Faisalabad, in Pakistani Punjab.

"We shall pray for peace, for interreligious harmony, to say 'No' to all forms of violence and hatred, which are never justified, a poison for society. We call on God, the giver of all good, and we ask all people of good will to stand by us, united for a peaceful Pakistan, free from hatred, where the rights and freedoms of all citizens are respected, regardless of their creed," said Archbishop Sebastian Shaw of Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province, where the violence is unfolding.

On Sunday, August 20, a special Day of Prayer will be held in Pakistan in all the nation's Catholic communities. This announcement was made by the Pakistan Catholic Bishops' Conference, which entrusts to the Lord’s hands the episodes of open violence against sacred buildings and the families of the baptized.

We ask you to join Christians in Pakistan in prayer this Sunday, August 20.

The spark for this violence was the unfounded, alleged accusation of blasphemy against Saleem Masih, an illiterate Christian who works in street sanitation.

Following an appeal by a local Islamic religious leader, a crowd unleashed mass violence, primarily targeting churches and homes of Christians in the Jaranwala area.

The outcome of this attack included:

• Four churches (one of which is Catholic) and three chapels razed to the ground,

• A desecrated cemetery,

• Multiple houses of Christian citizens destroyed or vandalized,

• No fatalities, but at least three seriously injured.

"Christians in Pakistan, when we think of the Western world, we think of you as our elder brothers and sisters in the faith, as the center of Christianity," said Father Faryadd, who requested his last name be withheld out of fear for his life. "We feel very connected with you all, in faith and spirit, strengthened by your faith and your ability to live your faith openly. You can make the sign of the cross in public and not fear you will be stoned. We hope to one day be able to have this too, but until then, we ask that you value and appreciate this right. And that you continue to pray for us and help us."

If you cannot help by making a donation, perhaps you can do so by sharing this information with members of your family or friends whom you think would be able to support the persecuted Christians in Pakistan.

The situation is critical, and your prayers and support can significantly help our suffering brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

Thank you for not leaving Christians in Pakistan alone!



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What your donation can do!

  • $50 Food for a family that had to flee their home
  • $150 Wooden pews to replaces those set on fire
  • $500 Materials to begin rebuilding churches

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