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Mr. Gregory Mitchell

The St. Francis Emmaus Center in Turrialba, Costa Rica, is the nearest city to the Chirripo indigenous reservation. The center provides a safe, comfortable place for up to 30 Cabecar mothers who travel long hours on foot days before and after the birth of a child to have access to medical care. Over 400 mothers and children attend the center annually. Mothers and their children receive housing, nutritional meals, access to all the services of Costa Rica's internationally-acclaimed government health care system, and advocacy. In addition, women are offered childbirth education, the accompaniment of a trained doula during labor and birth, education for early bonding, and increased recovery time before returning to their homes long distances from access to medical care.
According to the director of medicine in Turrialba, Costa Rica With, the St. Francis Emmaus Center has played a major role in reducing infant mortality in the indigenous reserve by 50%. Give $25 to save lives in Costa Rica



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