Spiritual & Practical Support for Bonded Laborers

Project Leader:

Sister Blessy Chf

Sister Blessy is raising money to begin a ministry of pastoral care to families trapped in bonded labor. Also known as debt slavery, bonded labor is illegal in India but enforcement of the law is weak in many areas. Due to dramatic power imbalances, low caste and poor families are exploited into slave-like agreements. Children are often targeted and tied to these debts for a lifetime. Sister Blessy has witnessed the way bonded labor breaks each individual member of a family. The love and peace that ought to be experienced in the family are destroyed. She plans to help families trapped in bonded labor to renew their faith and love as a family unit through home visits, counseling, and faith formation activities. A gift of $20 helps Sister Blessy get her project started.



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Crista donated $25.

Tadhg donated $100.

prince donated $50.

joanna donated $50.

John donated $55.

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Steven donated $100.

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Jean donated $10.

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Hong Lim donated $400.

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Bridget donated $25.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps get this project started
  • $50 Helps print materials
  • $100 Helps pay for transportation for the Sisters

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Crista donated $25.

35 months ago

Tadhg donated $100.

43 months ago

44 months ago

prince donated $50.

44 months ago

joanna donated $50.

51 months ago

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