Buy a Pickup Truck for a Church in the Ivory Coast

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Father Obidi is the pastor of Saint Theresa's Parish in the Diocese of Bondoukou. The diocese and its priests serve a large geographical area in Northern Ivory Coast. Father Obidi and his brother priests regularly visit 28 parish outstations to serve families that belong to their parish. Currently, these hard-working priests travel on motorbikes over the dirt roads to serve their flocks –if the weather and the roads are safe. When the rainy season comes, travel is often impossible. Father Obidi is raising money to buy a 4x4 pickup truck so he and his fellow priests can continue their pastoral work rain or shine! A gift of $50 helps Father Obidi and other local priests reach many more people in need.



of $5,000 raised

Anonymous donated $100.

Arlene donated $20.

Anonymous donated $58.

Ben donated $30.

Donna donated.

Mark donated $25.

Fr. Dave donated $25.

Anonymous donated $10.

Tvdavidh@gmail.comDavid donated $25.

KyuWang donated $25.

Francis donated $50.

B. donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Anonymous donated $10.

Kenneth donated $100.

Scott donated $100.

Taylor donated $25.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 Helps pay for fuel for one pastoral visit
  • $50 Helps toward purchasing the truck
  • $100 Buys one spare tire
  • $250 Buys a tow hook

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Anonymous donated $100.

5 days ago

Project Leader:

Thank you for your donation. Be blessed!

4 days ago

I must spend 2 hours to reach this outstation on motorbike. With a pickup truck, I could visit this community more frequently in better conditions. God bless your donation!

6 days ago

Arlene donated $20.

7 days ago

Anonymous donated $58.

8 days ago

Help us buy a Pickup Truck for our pastoral visits in remote areas.

9 days ago

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