Water and Food for Sudanese Refugees

Project Leader:

Reverend Denis Ocanda

There are 120,000 refugees from South Sudan living in camps within the Diocese of Nebbi in Uganda. Fr. Ocanda is raising money to provide food, water, clothing, farm tools, and any support he can to his brothers and sisters struggling to survive. The situation in the camps is dire. There is overcrowding, little clean water or food, poor shelter, and sickness. In addition to these physical conditions, the future for each refugee family is uncertain. “In the face of these circumstances,” Fr. Ocanda says, “one cannot but shed tears.” Give $25 to support this Christian presence and service in the midst of such human suffering.



of $5,000 raised

Mark donated $126.

Neil donated $25.

St. Stephen donated $625.

Anonymous donated $10.

John J donated $25.

Miguel donated $25.

Patrick donated $25.

Sylvia donated $25.

Peter D donated $5.

Dottie donated $5.

Maria donated $5.

Gerald donated $25.

Jean donated $10.

Amy donated $5.

Geraldine donated $5.

Rebecca donated $5.

Cindy donated $5.

manny donated $5.

Anonymous donated $25.

Robin donated $5.

Matthew donated $5.

christina donated $5.

Devonee donated $5.

Theresa donated $5.

James donated $5.

Mariann donated $5.

Monique donated $25.

Vincent and Deana donated $80.

Orvin donated $25.

Anonymous donated $10.

Anonymous donated $50.

Kat donated $5.

Blankis donated $5.

Stephen donated $25.

Anonymous donated $100.

Anonymous donated $25.

Lynda donated $15.

Taylor donated $25.

Nathan donated $100.

Neil donated $25.

Jean donated $10.

Donald donated $100.

Amelia donated $25.

Wilson donated $25.

Mary donated $20.

Michele donated $25.

John Michael donated.

Jean donated $10.

Anonymous donated $25.

Anonymous donated $29.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Buys cooking utensils for one family
  • $50 Buys bedding for two children
  • $100 Buys 10 iron sheets to build a simple camp shelter
  • $150 Feeds 10 refugees for a week

Project Updates

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Dear Missio friends, greetimgs from Nebbi diocese in northern Uganda, and thanks for your kindness and generosity. Kindly find attached herewith the photos explaining what we did with the money you sent for helping refugees. We pray for you and we assure you that we cherish you and hold you in very high regard. May God bless you.

31 months ago

With your help, we did all we could for the South Sudanese refugees. Of course we are overwhelmed. They are over 170,000 in our diocese, in refugee camps in one of our parishes called RHINO CAMP. May God kindly open for us more hands and hearts, that we get what to give to these our suffering brothers and sisters. God bless you all.

39 months ago

Bishop Sanctus is now Bishop of Lira diocese. In NEBBI, we have a diocesan administrator. God bless you all.

60 months ago

Bishop Sanctus is now Bishop of Lira diocese. In NEBBI, we have a diocesan administrator. God bless you all.

60 months ago

Bishop Sanctus Lino Wanok, giving out items to refugees in Rhino Camp.

60 months ago

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