Empower Youth with Technology in Liberia

Project Leader:

Mrs. Bob O'dwyer

Have you ever imagined what would you do without your computer? It might sound like a welcome break from work and overflowing inboxes, but so much of modern life is lived in and through this technology. It is the world we live in. So, education without introducing and training students to use technology does not prepare students for that world. Integrating technology in classrooms, even classrooms in Liberia, gives students access to important new opportunities from communication with other students around the world to learning how to code. Technology empowers students of all learning styles to be creative contributors to a global community in digital spaces like MISSIO. When teachers have the resources to effectively integrate technology, they can enhance their lessons in all subject areas. Join the teachers at Liberia Mission in their ongoing work empowering impoverished youth in Liberia through Catholic education! Their new project is to provide their over 500 students with computer science classes in a new computer lab. Elena and Liberia Mission are raising money to purchase 10 new computers. They plan to purchase refurbished computers for $85 each. Only $85 buys a computer that will serve 500 students!



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Ankica donated $10.

Lorraine donated.

Monica donated $5.

Paul donated $5.

Joshua donated $25.

Victoria donated $25.

Andrew donated $85.

Lorraine donated.

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  • $5 gets this project started
  • $10 ensures that the real change takes place
  • $25 is a great blessing to MISSIO change-makers
  • $100 helps move this project closer to goal!

Project Updates

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Thank you to everyone who donated! Here are a few pictures of our students with the computers you donated. They are so excited!

59 months ago

Elena shared.

71 months ago

Ankica donated $10.

71 months ago

Project Leader:

Bob O'Dwyer
Thank you so much Ankica!

71 months ago

We are so grateful for everyone who has given to our project! As an update, we are still needing to replace computers for our lab. We only have 15 working computers, but our average class size is 40! A gift of $85 will purchase one computer that we acquire through World Computer Exchange and a gift of $25 will cover a suite of offline software our students need for their education. Please help us equip our students with the technical knowledge they need through computer access and give today!

71 months ago

Lorraine donated.

80 months ago

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