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Project Leader:

Mrs. Margory Alvarez

Mrs. Alvarez works at the Disdascalio Nuestra Senora de la Esperanza school located in Barrio Santa Viviana, in Ciudad Bolívar. Ciudad Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia is one of the world’s largest slums. This section of Bogotahas the highest concentration of poverty in the city and highest levels of violence. Mrs. Alvarez’s school serves 520 vulnerable children. The program is based on the principles and values of the Gospel and emphasizes with students the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

Not only does Nuestra Senora de La Esperanza School (Our Lady of Hope) provide its students a safe place and a high-quality education, Mrs. Alvarez and her colleagues also provide nutritious meals. You can’t teach a mind if a student’s belly is empty! Through this project we intend to strengthen this process of education with the children who are part of the community of Barrio Santa Viviana, through an economic contribution with which education and balanced nutrition will be provided, thus closing the breaches of access to basic rights such as education and food in a vulnerable population such as this.



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What your donation can do!

  • $50 Sponsors one student for a month
  • $100 Buys lunch for ten children.
  • $250 Covers about two months of utility costs.

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Anonymous donated $250.

54 months ago

Please help us achieve our funding goal! To get familiarized with this wonderful education and nutritional project for children, please check our last video on YouTube:

54 months ago

We pursue the goal of an education as mechanism of transformation and human integral development.

54 months ago

We guarantee a balanced nutrition to 450 children and adolescents on vulnerable condition in Bogota.

54 months ago

Anonymous donated $50.

54 months ago

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