Build a Well in Uganda

Project Leader:

Reverend Denis Ocanda

Father Denis Ocanda is raising money for his parish in Nebbi, Uganda. The well and pump that serves a community of 1,300 people including children stopped working in 2016. Despite ongoing efforts to fix the current well, nothing has worked. Now, parishioners travel up to two miles daily to seasonal swamps to collect potable water. This time-consuming and difficult task typically falls to women and children.



of $1,500 raised

Mark donated $1,158.

patrick donated $5.

Walter donated $20.

Christopher donated $25.

Robert donated $5.

Brian donated $5.

carla donated $5.

Joann donated $5.

Cathleen donated $5.

Rica donated $5.

Maye donated $5.

jennifer donated $5.

Sandra donated $5.

Anonymous donated $50.

Teresa donated $25.

Teresa donated $25.

Sharon donated $5.

Stephen donated $25.

Anonymous donated $100.

Bryan donated $14.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps pay for transport pipes
  • $50 Help buy borehole pipes
  • $150 Helps buy valves
  • $250 Can buy the borehole handle

Project Updates

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Dear Missio friends, thank you very much for your heart. What you gave helped us, with community contribution, to build a well. A borehole, the only one, broke down for good, and all we had was unsafe water from seasonal swamps. There is now clean and safe water. The problem of waterborne diseases from the dirty swamp waters is no more. During school time, children go early to school as they don't have to waste time going far to get water for the morning cleanups. The rural neighborhood is now happy, and this has been possible with the help from all of you whom we don't know but whose names are written in the book of life. May God replenish your sources, give you good health, many opportunities and long life.

32 months ago

Mark G. shared.

64 months ago

Dear Mark, Patrick, Walter, Christopher, Robert, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your distinguished concern and generosity. May God bless you at Christmas and throughout the new year. You are in our prayers always.

65 months ago

Mark donated $1,158.

65 months ago

patrick donated $5.

65 months ago

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