Construct Presbytery & Church, Tanzania Ph. 1

Project Leader:

Reverend Rev. Don Didas Isaacus Nandi

St. Francis of Assisi Parish was inaugurated on April 8, 2012. It was established without the residential house of priest and without the parish church. We have started to build the house of clergy to the point of roofing. We need financial support in order to complete and furnish. We have started to raise the foundation of the parish church. In the place we are building the parish center we have no running water or any water system and need to drill a water well. Our parishioners are small farm laborers and their livelihood depends on the crops they cultivate. Parish priests live 30 kms away from the parish headquarters. The daily roundtrip is very expensive. In dry summer we suffer the dusts and in rainy season we suffer heavy rains because we say Holy Masses and other liturgical services in open air. Please help phase 1 of this project. It is a very big undertaking but vital for the people of this community and for the generations to come. A gift of $25 helps buy wire.



of $5,000 raised

Anonymous donated $250.

Anonymous donated $1,000.

Anonymous donated $250.

Jean donated $50.

Philip donated $50.

Brandi donated $150.

Matthew donated $25.

Joshua donated $50.

Nigel donated $35.

Anonymous donated $25.

Denise donated $25.

Marvin donated $10.

Jo Anne donated $25.

Anthony donated $50.

Eugene donated $50.

Ruth donated $50.

Kenneth donated $25.

Phillip donated $50.

paul Barker donated $25.

Vicki donated $50.

Irene donated $25.

Stephen donated $25.

Mark donated $50.

SaraBeth donated $50.

Paul donated $50.

Maria donated $50.

Anonymous donated $100.

Anonymous donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Sarah donated $50.

Carmela donated $50.

Rosa donated $500.

Alexander donated $50.

Joseph and Ruth donated $25.

Etta donated $50.

Mariangeles donated $50.

Sandra donated $100.

Anonymous donated $6.

Thomas donated $200.

Maureen donated $50.

Anonymous donated $10.

Joan donated $30.

Anonymous donated $25.

Michele donated $50.

Theresa donated $50.

Chris donated $50.

John donated $100.

christine donated $100.

Marilou donated $50.

John donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 will help buy wire
  • $150 will help buy cement
  • $250 will help rent tools / machines
  • $500 will help with roofing
  • $1,000 will help implement water system

Project Updates

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Hello Dear Anonymous! "Praised Be Jesus Christ! With the Joy and Gratitude Filled-Heart, I would like to give you a word of thanksgiving for the good job you have done. Thank you so much for supporting us financially towards the building of the House for Priests and the Parish Church. With your kind help you enable us to buy some bags of cements, some pipes for plumberig, electric wires and wiring, iron-sheets for roofing, collection of sands and pebbles and for paying the workers and for transportation of Building Materials. Your kind donation is our great consolation because will help us! Thank You for your consolation, your financial assistance will never be forgotten and we shall pray for you always especially during the Holy Masses. May the Good God bless you and continue to give you all what you need in your life. Thanks. don Didas Isaacus NANDI. PROJECT LEADER.

1 month ago

Anonymous donated $250.

1 month ago

Dearly Loved Anonymous! Greetings in the Lord Almighty God! "DEOGRATIAS"! Thank You Goodly Anonymous for your great contribution for the construction of Parish Church and the Residential House for Priests of St. Francis of Assisi Parish. Your kind donation is going to buy materials for the Chapel, for the House of Clergy and for Water supply. I bless You with all Spiritual and Heavenly Blessings for your generosity, surely God is so Good and works through His Saintly Persons like you. Our God is the God of surprises! Thank You Holy God and thank You my True Friend in Jesus and Mary. I promise you my prayers and my sacrifices Thank You. Yours in St. Francis of Assisi, donnandi Didas Isaacus NANDI PROJECT LEADER.

1 month ago

Anonymous donated $1,000.

1 month ago

Dear Two Anonymous 1: Anonymous One and 2: Anonymous Two, Thank You so very much for your kind donations to support my Parish of St. Francis of Assisi to build the Residential House for Clergy and the Parish Church. We have many things to do and to purchase as long as the Building Activities are concerned. As a Pastor of St. Francis, I really feel the pinch of living far from my Parish Center because we have not yet completed the furnishings and finishing of the House for Priests. I am on the road always with all road risks and dangers! Financial problems and crises as far as the poverty is concerned, I mean daily Jeep fueling and services! Health risks during this period of Coronavirus Pandemic since now the people are dying of it. The lack of the Parish Church at the Headquarters which causes the disturbances and inconveniences to always traveling with the Eucharistic Jesus outside the church. Not having the stable and permanent Tabernacle to reserve Our Eucharistic Lord. And not being fully with my Parish Sheep. Lack of reliable and clean water. I thank You for your generosity because we shall buy or do something with your kind Financial Aid. I do welcome you and all who have donated something for my Parish Building Activities to please continue to help me to make sure we finish this project and at the same time you let Us have a safe and clean water. Time and again, thank You very much and God bless You! donnandi Didas Isaacus NANDI Project Leader.

1 month ago

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