Help Finish Construction of Chapel in Philippines

Project Leader:

Mr. Lemuel Demesus Lomeda

Nuestra Signora de la Asuncion Chapel has undergone many difficulties—both internally and externally—and relocated to a different (and current) site in Barangay Tinaogan, Bindoy Negros Oriental, Philippines. With the close cooperation of Fr. Ireneo Ruiz, Tinaogan churchgoers and the many devout servants of the Church, we can complete this labor of love and return the faithful to a place of regular worship.
Please donate $20 to help finish its construction.



of $2,500 raised

Gigi donated $45.

Mike donated $25.

Andrew donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Jean donated $20.

Anonymous donated $15.

Ariel donated $25.

Anonymous donated $10.

Maria Victoria donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Tom donated $50.

Neil donated $25.

Jean donated $10.

Beth donated $100.

Wilson donated $25.

gregory donated $25.

Peter donated $25.

Amor donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Maria Cristina donated $10.

Ralph donated $50.

Anonymous donated $10.

Liliana donated $10.

Lucia donated $100.

Anonymous donated $10.

Maria donated $25.

Anonymous donated $10.

Joseph donated $25.

Mark donated $50.

Liliana donated $10.

Jean donated $25.

John donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Russell donated $25.

Randall donated $10.

Michael donated $20.

Anonymous donated $20.

Anonymous donated $10.

Maria Victoria donated $10.

Anonymous donated $25.

Bryan donated $100.

Corazon donated $100.

Anonymous donated $25.

Michael donated $25.

Gemarie donated $25.

Patrick donated.

Mike2 donated $10.

Julie donated $25.

Anthony donated $20.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps towards finishing construction of chapel.
  • $50 can help towards cement and bricks.
  • $100 helps towards materials for a chapel roof.

Project Updates

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Lemuel Demesus shared.

56 months ago

Yesterday marked the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Assumption and we the parishioners of Barangay Tinaogan (where the chapel is located) held a mass and a small potluck lunch after. As you can see, there are major improvements in the roof, wall and and flooring because of the contributions and we will still continue the construction until it is fully finished. I will be posting regularly for developments. Very big thanks to everyone who contributed, Fr. Limbaga for the kind words, the chapel organization for the construction and Fr. Andrew and everyone in for the support. God bless everyone involved in this venture.

56 months ago

56 months ago

Greetings! Heard from Fr. Carmelito Q. Limbaga, Jr. "A blessed day..! This is to respectfully acknowledge and gratefully thank you for the support of a Sra. Asuncion Chapel in one of our Parishes in the Diocese of Dumaguete. We shall update you of the development of the project. Again, thank you very much and may the love and grace of God be truly enough for you and your collaborators in the ministry. With our spiritual closeness and prayers, Very truly yours in Christ."

57 months ago

A very big THANK YOU to everyone that helped! May God shower you with all the blessings you truly deserve.

59 months ago

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