Pigs Project for Seminarians

Project Leader:

Very Reverend Thomas Mwampamba

Seminarians from the Mbeya Diocese have established a piggery to provide food for students and the surrounding community. They also hope that the piggery will serve as a source of income so that the seminary can purchase annual health insurance for each student. The students work on the pig farm during their holiday breaks and are responsible for all of the farm’s day-to-day operations.



of $1,000 raised

Anonymous donated $500.

Nathan donated $500.

Brenda Lee donated $20.

Jean donated $10.

Carole donated $25.

Eron donated $25.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 can be used to buy piglets
  • $100 can used for food
  • $150 $150 can help as maintenance costs
  • $250 can be used for medication of pigs
  • $500 will be helped for construction costs

Project Updates

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Some few pictures of our Project Progress till now. Thanks for your Lovely Support

63 months ago

Inside view of the Construction

65 months ago

Fr. Thomas Laurent Mwampamba outside the piggery new construction

65 months ago

Here is the little progress we have done

65 months ago

65 months ago

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