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You want to join Pope Francis’ missions to the poor and marginalized, and champion a Catholic charity project. But maybe first you’d like to explore the missions going on right now. As the crowd funding platform of the Catholic world, MISSIO has a huge list of ongoing missions just waiting for your support! Whether you’re looking to sponsor charity projects in Africa, support Catholic healthcare in South America, make a Catholic education donation in Africa, or bring a food donation to starving children in India, you’ll find the charity project you’re looking for right here.

Missio is here to connect you to the charity projects and missionary outreach that you are most passionate about. Explore our growing list of projects below!


Help a Child in the Pope’s Missions
Community | United States

Sister Rosemary in Kenya runs a program for some 300 children, offering them food, medical care, counseling, and abundant compassion. Sister Ruangsri educates parents in Thailand on the risk of traff


Raised: $66,032


Solar Power System, Sacred Heart Shelter, Pakistan
Community | Pakistan

Sacred Heart Shelter for girls, Sahiwal, comes under St. Mary’s Convent Higher Secondary School Sahiwal. The shelter is managed in order to provide education to orphans, neglected, and working young


Raised: $2,465


Healthcare for Mothers and Sick Children, Nigeria
Health | Nigeria

Access to healthcare services in rural communities is lacking throughout Nigeria. Every year thousands of pregnant women and their children die from preventable health conditions such as iron deficien


Raised: $3,669


Sponsor a Child in India for the School Year
Community | India

Dr. Geetha raises money to support more than 2,500 children and colleges students from rural villages in India. Sponsorships donations provide clothes, education, healthcare, and meals. Give $20 to h


Raised: $3,400


Repair a Girl's Dormitory in Cameroon
Community | Cameroon

Champagnat College is a small school in Ombessa, Cameroon, that serves young girls from bush villages. The girls travel great distances to receive an education. They live at the small but important sc


Raised: $3,175


Maintenance of St. Benoit Parish Center in Senegal
Community | Senegal

St Benoit serves a total of 7 parishes in the city of Ziguinchor in the southern part of Senegal. The place used as a parish center is in need of a lot of repair. During inclement weather it is a chal


Raised: $934


Help Buy Chairs and Utensils, Tanzania
Community | Tanzania

Father Revo Damas Liseki in the Diocese of Tunduru-Masasi hosts annual conferences for children and their families. These gatherings offer pastoral care and bring families together to be witnesses o


Raised: $650