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South Sudan Needs You!
Health | United States

South Sudan is hard hit with famine. Conflict and unrest have added to the crisis. Families are seeking shelter, food and care in Catholic hospitals and various health centers. Others are fleeing in s


Raised: $50,148


Feed Children in India
Health | India

There are 300 students at Sacred Heart Village Mission in Gidruha village in Uttar Pradesh, India. The students and their families are from minority ethnic tribes called, Kol and live in the forest ar


Raised: $3,450


Food Security in Ethiopia
Health | Ethiopia

The drought and food shortage in Ethiopia has worsened. The government has officially reported that 10.2 million people will be affected by the food shortage and many will not have enough food to surv


Raised: $15,083


Purified Water for Olancho in Honduras
Health | Honduras

After years of medical missions treating parasitic diseases, Carlos Najera realized that Olancho, Honduras, needs clean water to drink and cook. Drinking water is essential for human survival and is a


Raised: $3,297


Make a Difference in Children's Lives in Haiti
Health | Haiti

People’s lives have the power to change us. The members of St. Anthony's Parish in Renton, WA, were inspired to begin a Sister Parish Covenant with St. Anne d'Hyacynthe parish in Haiti following the d


Raised: $2,247


Help Rebuild Haiti
Health | Haiti

Give $50 to help provide support Haitian communities as they deal with daily challenges that threaten public health and the human spirit. Fr. Louis and his staff at Mission to the Beloved are doing al


Raised: $2,057


Feed Children in The Philippines
Health | Philippines

There are poverty stricken areas in the Philippines where thousands of young families and children need food and other health related resources for their daily survival. So much is needed to help them


Raised: $1,500


Provide School Lunches in Kenya
Health | Kenya

Give $25 to provide meals for one child for three months. By providing lunch to students at The Maria Domenica and Mutuini Educational Centers, Sister Mary Gloria Mar is combating the lack of two basi


Raised: $3,003


Fight Malnutrition in Tanzania
Health | Tanzania

The Daughters of Mary treat malnutrition in the rural areas of Kipalapala by providing fruits, vegetables and milk to the children families. They educate residents on nutrition and small farming pract


Raised: $4,000


Tropical Storm Relief in Dominica
Health | Antigua

On August 27th 2016 the island of Dominica suffered the brunt of Tropical Storm Erika. Erika caused severe flooding and mudslides on the Caribbean island. Officials are working to evacuate 500 people


Raised: $15,012


A Home for Disabled Children In India
Health | India

Monsignor Maipan Paul is the Bishop of the Diocese of Khammam in India. Bishop Paul is raising money for the Shanthi Nilayam Residence in his diocese. The lowest castes in India are referred to as “Da


Raised: $5,010


Build a Chicken Coop at a School in Madagascar
Health | Madagascar

Sister Claudine and the community of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist operate residence and school for abandoned children in the village of Ambatolahy, Madagascar. There are 910,000 orphaned childr


Raised: $5,000