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You want to join Pope Francis’ missions to the poor and marginalized, and champion a Catholic charity project. But maybe first you’d like to explore the missions going on right now. As the crowd funding platform of the Catholic world, MISSIO has a huge list of ongoing missions just waiting for your support! Whether you’re looking to sponsor charity projects in Africa, support Catholic healthcare in South America, make a Catholic education donation in Africa, or bring a food donation to starving children in India, you’ll find the charity project you’re looking for right here.

Missio is here to connect you to the charity projects and missionary outreach that you are most passionate about. Explore our growing list of projects below!


Support a seminarian in the Pope’s Missions
Education | United States

Pope Francis reminds us to answer God’s missionary call with, “Here I Am, Send Me.” We send ourselves, especially in this unprecedented year, to Africa, where 19,000 young men are preparing to be pri


Raised: $1,476


Help Secure Water in Tanks in Uganda
Education | Uganda

A real and significant challenge for the community at large and students of neighboring school is lack of clean water. The school itself is located in a rural area and children must walk long distanc


Raised: $4,446


Support Seminarians in India
Education | India

The Diocese of Sultanpet, established under Pope Francis, in December 2013, is located within the civil District of Palakkad in the southwest of India, in the region of Kerala. This district has one


Raised: $3,900


Support Vocations in the Pope's Missions
Education | United States

Your gift this summer to the Society of St. Peter Apostle, one of the Pope’s mission societies, helps young men preparing for the priesthood at Stella Maris Major Seminary in Viietnam – and throughout


Raised: $2,770


Borehole for St. Cyprian Minor Seminary, Ghana
Education | Ghana

St. Cyprian Minor Seminary at Sawla in the Damongo Diocese, in Ghana was established in 2006 and promotes excellence in academics, discipline and love of God. Father Clement Cobb is leading the way t


Raised: $1,295