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You want to join Pope Francis’ missions to the poor and marginalized, and champion a Catholic charity project. But maybe first you’d like to explore the missions going on right now. As the crowd funding platform of the Catholic world, MISSIO has a huge list of ongoing missions just waiting for your support! Whether you’re looking to sponsor charity projects in Africa, support Catholic healthcare in South America, make a Catholic education donation in Africa, or bring a food donation to starving children in India, you’ll find the charity project you’re looking for right here.

Missio is here to connect you to the charity projects and missionary outreach that you are most passionate about. Explore our growing list of projects below!


Improve Education in Haiti
Education | Haiti

Eliminating illiteracy is a top human rights priority in Haiti. One in two Haitian teenagers is illiterate. The quality of public education is unfortunately very low, and 90 percent of succeeding scho


Raised: $3,898


Bringing solidarity help to Ayacucho, Peru
Community | Peru

We are a religious community which for 17 years have been at the service of our most needy brothers in Ayacucho, one of the poorest provinces in Peru. In this global pandemic context, last year we rea


Raised: $3,412


Support the Pope's Missions
Community | Argentina

Continued support for the Pope's missions is vital to missionaries serving in 1,110 dioceses in Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and parts of Latin America. Your donation makes it possible for these


Raised: $2,627


Balcony Repair for the Rectory of Jacquesyl, Haiti
Community | Haiti

Jacquesyl, Haiti is one of the poorest parishes in the Diocese of Ft. Liberty. The community survives on farming and fishing. Yet, people are so poor that they cannot help with the support of the newl


Raised: $360


Restoring a church in Chile
Community | Chile

Saint Bonaventure was known as a master of practical life. His wisdom, but also his humility and simplicity, made him unique. The small wooden church in Los Lagos, Chile, named for this Doctor of the


Raised: $1,530