MCP 2021

St Bernard Church
197 W Geranium Ave St Paul, MN 55117

(Arch)Diocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN


Each year, the Society for the Propagation of the Faith coordinates mission appeals in U.S. parishes. This year, in light of the global pandemic of COVID-19, these appeals are being featured on the digital presence of the Pope’s mission societies,

If you are a member of a U.S. parish assigned to this project in the Pope’s missions, you are encouraged to:

  • Learn about this work of the Missions, and how it helps our mission family half a world away.
  • Donate to support this project, as you are able.
  • Share on social media about the project – even that you donated.
  • Copy the link to the project and share with family and friends.

The Poor of Jesus Christ, MCP

Community | Mozambique

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