Help Repair and Restore OLOR Parish, Angola

Project Leader:

Reverend Jean-Claude Kianga

The Catholic community of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in the Diocese of Caxito, in Angola needs financial support to repair the physical church structure. The foundation has considerable damage because of poor craftmanship. Parts of the church have rotting or warped wood fixtures. The church stands surrounded by unpaved ground and when the heavy rains come the water sits stagnant and impedes access. A concrete courtyard would be highly durable under weather conditions and practical to maintain. Please help the parish priest and parishioners worship in a safe, well-maintained building.



of $5,000 raised

Colleen donated $25.

Carole donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 helps buy paint
  • $50 helps buy tools
  • $100 will help buy and transport cement to parish
  • $250 will help buy bricks and slabs
  • $500 will help secure contractor / labor

Project Updates

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Colleen donated $25.

2 months ago

Carole donated $50.

13 months ago

Dears supporters We are repairing and restoring our parish church. Thank you to help us with your support. God bless you.

15 months ago