Support Health Needs in Mangochi, Malawi

Project Leader:

Reverend Montfort Stima

Utaweleza Farm in Malawi needs support. It is located sixteen kilometers north of Mangochi town, Southern region of Malawi, a country in Central Africa. The funds raised will be used to purchase water buckets, sanitizers, disinfectants, soaps, for the farm workers. It’s crucial to assist with paying salaries and wages of farm workers to retain steady income during this pandemic period. There is a critical need to help cover costs for transport to facilitate screening at the nearest health facility. In order to promote and exercise social distancing, there is a need to secure additional labor for the winter season. In addition to these great hardships, it is necessary to stock pile fuel to avoid running low on reserves so that land preparation for winter crop is successful. Through these adversities vulnerable communities seek spiritual and pastoral care. Vital to their wellbeing is also religious guidance to uplift and offer hope in the midst of despair and fear. Religious Brothers and Sisters in unity with lay pastoral leaders reach out to families and help as able. A gift of $25 helps provide medical care and medicine for one person.



of $15,000 raised

Anonymous donated $25.

Hollie donated $50.

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What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps provide hygiene essentials
  • $50 helps secure transportation for sickly to hospital
  • $100 can help towards labor and wages
  • $250 helps Sisters reach out to vulnerable communities

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Anonymous donated $25.

19 days ago

Hollie donated $50.

2 months ago

Ralph donated $50.

2 months ago

Jeannie donated $50.

2 months ago

Bernardita donated $50.

2 months ago

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