Sisters Save Lives Through Information

Project Leader:

Reverend Stephen T Musonda

Kasama Lualuo farm project was started with view to utilize Church arable land which lay idle for a long time. Funds will support communication efforts, via radio, to reach out to the communities about COVID-19 and also with the Word of God, as all churches are closed and Mass suspended; food provision efforts to vulnerable households finding themselves in crisis because of lack of work and isolation. Part of the funds will be used to supplement the salaries of the workers (5 full time, and 12 part time). This is due to the impact of COVID-19 on small business sales and income. In addition, the project will help to provide the workers with protective clothes as preventive measures to with the transmission of the virus.



of $15,000 raised

What your donation can do!

  • $20 food provision for vulnerable households
  • $50 communications efforts about COVID-19
  • $100 provides for workers' support

Project Updates

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Thanks for donations that are helping Kasama Archdiocese purchase face masks for its communities

21 months ago

Proclamation of the Word via radio, this time of Covid-19 pandemic, is an effective means to reach out to homes and quarantined. We thank all who are donating to this work.

21 months ago

The impact of Covid-19 has led to stigmatize even those suffering from malaria and common cough. Donations that help to reach to the people affected in this way will be appreciated

21 months ago

Lualuo farm of Kasama Archdiocese is reaching out to the quarantined Covid-19 patients via radio, contributing food to affected members

21 months ago