Provide Deep Freezers for Sisters in Zambia

Project Leader:

Sister Mary Chilengwe

Sisters of Child Jesus Farm in Zambia needs support. The farm Project Leader is Sr Mary Chilengwe with critical assistance in all operations from Sr. Grace Kambalakoko. COVID-19 has impacted the farm’s ability to support its workers and customers. Having no sound way to have workers and customers protected from COVID-19 infection or without having basic means to know who is positive, workers have had to be sent home. This is a time the community needs food for sustainability, but the issue of COVID-19 has brought production to a standstill. Lack of basic medication for other ailments is also a challenge because many people live far from hospitals. A particular, urgent need is the procurement of deep freezers. The demand is low for purchases at this time because many institutions are closed. Deep freezers would help store dressed chickens and other meats and produce until it is safe to sell and earn that income. Ministries have been impacted because reaching out without a mask is a challenge. A donation of $25 can help buy first aid kits and other medicine



of $15,000 raised

Colette donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 helps buy protective clothes
  • $20 helps provide income for one farm hand
  • $50 helps subsidize food for the elderly
  • $100 helps Sisters provide medicine and basic needs

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Colette donated $50.

13 months ago