Employ Youth in Oyo State, Nigeria

Project Leader:

Reverend Gabriel Adeleke

The Catholic Agricultural Development Initiative (CADI) is an agricultural training program for youth of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo in Nigeria, established in 2007. The rapid outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria has resulted in the collapse of business and business activities, as well as, with the fall in the price of crude oil, a stronghold of the Nigerian economy, a reduction in purchasing power. This financial support will not only relieve the burden of our farm workers, customers and community, but also offer hope to our dispirited and downcast people. COVID-19 has made it difficult to support our workers. Such financial intervention will help us to retain staff, enabling the operation of the farm, and the ability of our workers to care for their families and those who rely on them – your support helps many! This assistance will also provide food for those with nothing to eat, and sanitation products to vulnerable population near the farm and within the diocese.



of $15,000 raised

Hanh donated $50.

Anonymous donated $95.

Anonymous donated $25.

Anonymous donated $2.

Janet donated $100.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps with sanitation products
  • $50 brings food to families in need
  • $100 provides for workers' salaries

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Hanh donated $50.

3 months ago

Anonymous donated $95.

9 months ago

Anonymous donated $25.

12 months ago

Anonymous donated $2.

15 months ago

thanks very much for you support, God bless

19 months ago

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