Making Soap to Save Lives in Rural Tanzania

Project Leader:

Reverend Esperius Hamenyande

Nzimano Soap making manufacturer needs support. It is located in the Diocese of Kigoma in the Kasulu District in Tanzania. Fr. Esperius Hamenyande is the project leader and he sees the goal as making necessary improvements and repairs as well as acquiring new equipment in order to produce soap at a faster rate. It’s important to secure labor and furnish protective equipment so ease the anxiety over the COVID – 19 spread so that production of this cleanser is not interrupted. The aim is to distribute at a very affordable price as well as supply the poorest families with this necessary product. Priests pray to resume their pastoral care by celebrating Holy Communions, baptisms and other Holy Sacraments that require needed travel to different parishes, congregations, and seminaries. Awareness, preparedness shall give the communities a high chance of resuming daily life. A donation of $25 will help buy oil, lye and storing containers.



of $15,000 raised

Rose donated $50.

Jeannie donated $50.

Jean donated $25.

Leo P donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Anonymous donated $20.

Charles donated $25.

Jean donated $50.

Rita donated $100.

Paul donated $25.

Louise donated $50.

Naomi R donated $50.

Elizabeth donated $20.

LEYANA donated $15.

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Vicki donated $50.

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Liam donated $25.

Barbara donated $25.

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Jeannie donated $50.

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Patricia donated $25.

Patricia donated $50.

Suzanne donated $25.

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Anonymous donated $50.

Thomas donated $25.

Edward donated $10.

Fenella donated $100.

Mark donated $50.

Lawrence donated $25.

Anonymous donated $10.

Anonymous donated $25.

Teresa donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 helps buy soap ingredients
  • $20 helps buy Face Masks N95
  • $50 meds for COVID-19 patients
  • $150 renovation of COVID 19 ward

Project Updates

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Rose donated $50.

2 months ago

Jeannie donated $50.

2 months ago

Jean donated $25.

2 months ago

Leo P donated $50.

3 months ago

Anonymous donated $25.

3 months ago

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