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Mr. Randy Hammond

Brazil has the largest Roman Catholic population, but that number is declining, with a great many of the faithful turning to Protestant and Pentecostal religions on a regular basis. Lifelong catechesis is needed to shore up belonging and belief among existing members of the faithful.

Archbishop Sérgio Eduardo Castriani C.S.S.P. and Bishop Zenildo Luís Pereira da Silva, C.S.S.R. of the Amazonas Archdiocese of Manaus, believe that providing these communities with biblical and sacramental catechetical programs will play a vital role in keeping people attached to their faith and the Church. They have chosen the Augustine Institute to partner with them toward this aim by localizing its programs which lead Catholics to a deeper understanding of the faith. Working in collaboration with the Archbishop of Amazonas, Fr. Candido Cocaveli de Andrade, the President of the Institute of Theology in the Amazon (ITEPES), and Amazon Relief, the Augustine Institute’s content and innovative technology will (1) provide ongoing religious formation in remote areas where priests cannot regularly be present, and (2) offer digital technology to give people living in urban areas access to Catholic programs to understand and deepen their faith.

The program includes:
1) Installation of Smart TVs in approximately 1,000 communities designated by the Archdiocese. 2) Translation of existing video content and leadership and participant guides. All translation will be provided by native speakers and will include a theological review. 3) Production of homilies for use in conjunction with the Liturgy of the Word.



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