Extension of Parish Church, Tanzania

Project Leader:

Reverend Fr.John-Bosco Ndakimubuza

St. Francis Biharamulo Parish is located in the District of Biharamulo. The Parish is 171kms from the diocesan headquarters in the Ngara district. It has 4 sub parishes 11 outstations serving 13,801 Catholics. The current parish church was constructed to provide services to meet the needs of the sick. The St. Francis Biharamulo Parish is requesting the assistance to expand the parish church. The church which was constructed in 1969 as hospital chapel and later expanded but today is very small to meet the church services and has a capacity of about 710 seated people. The Sisters who were working at the hospital, the hospital workers and few people outside the hospital assisted in this endeavor. The desired church will accommodate the present and future population and will alleviate the problem of attending mass in open air that is very challenging during the rainy season and the attendance becomes poor due to this problem. The meager resources from the parish do not give us the possibility for a new church. We are pleading to you, to team up with the parishioners to expand the church building and create a good spacious prayer place. To remove the congestion and inconveniences of the faithful praying while outside the church. To create a good and desirable environment for the liturgical services. To motivate the faithful on their faith, help them have a place in church to pray. A gift of $25 helps buy construction material.



of $5,000 raised

Thomas donated $25.

Thomas donated $25.

Carlos donated.

Thomas donated $25.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps buy wire
  • $100 helps buy cement
  • $250 helps buy paint and tools
  • $500 helps secure labor
  • $1,000 helps furnish a parish church

Project Updates

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Our work is still pending we have not managed to get funding , we hope 2022 will be a year to help us more.

2 months ago

Thomas donated $25.

7 months ago

Dear friends, your assistance is still needed . Drop anything for the extension of our Parish Church Fr.Bosco

10 months ago

Thank you very much for the donations .Thomas and Carlos we appreciate very much your teaming up with us. Be assured of our Prayers. Fr.John-Bosco

12 months ago

Thomas donated $25.

13 months ago

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