Construction of a Parish Hall, Cameroon

Project Leader:

Reverend Afumbom Gabriel Tokoh

St. John the Baptist Parish in the Archdiocese of Bamenda was erected in June 2015 by the Emeritus Archbishop of Bamenda, Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua. The Parish has just the church and the presbytery. There is no hall for other pastoral activities. The Christians saw the need of a hall and started the construction. There has been the need to remove the Blessed Sacrament from the main church to create the space for the use of the building for other pastoral activities. During rainy season it is impossible to celebrate World Day of the Poor as a community of Christ. We hope to be able to conduct a Sunday School program for children and vulnerable adults once we can secure an ample, safe structure. The crisis situation in Cameroon greatly affected us and compounded with Covid-19 pandemic. Please consider helping this project reach its goal. A gift of $25 can help buy tools and cement.



of $4,000 raised

Grace donated $30.

Vinny donated $30.

Anonymous donated $5.

Quentin donated $500.

Mark donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 will help purchase slabs of concrete
  • $100 will help purchase bags of sand
  • $150 will purchase bags of cement
  • $250 will help purchase wood frames for doors

Project Updates

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Here are pictures of state of work

1 month ago

Dear Grace which to sincerely thank you for your generous contribution towards the completion of our Multipurpose Hall Project. May God richly bless you. We are trying to put up the ceiling, fit in the doors and windows, work on the floor. We are still in need of sand, cement, concrete(gravel); frames of doors and windows. We rely on you support. $50 will help us purchase cement; $100 will help purchase; $150 will help purchase concrete

1 month ago

Grace donated $30.

1 month ago

Dear Team Missio, receive greetings from St John the Baptist parish Foncha Street. I still some to you with the special appeal to help support us complete our Parish Hall. We still remove the Blessed Sacrament from the Main Church to use the building as a Hall. We don't still have a place for parochial activities such as council meetings, to hold our Sunday school. At the moment we are platering the hall and puting the ceiling, doors and windows. Please you generous support of $25 will help us purchase cement, $50 will help us purchase planks for the frames of the doors; $100 will help us purchase cement. Dear Team Missio your donation no matter how small will greatly help us. Please help us. We rely on your generous donation. Thank you so much.

3 months ago

Dear Team Missio, once again receive greetings from St John the Baptist Parish Foncha Street. I wish to bring to you updates of our Parish and to continue to plead with you for assistance for its completion. The Christian community is doing its best to push the project forward. At the moment, we are plastering the hall and putting the ceiling. Our hands are really tight now. At this level, we need cement, concrete, sand, plank and nails. We also need to put the doors. Your contribution no matter how small will greatly help us to complete the hall. At the moment we try to make use of it. We no longer remove the Blessed sacrament from the Church like the case before. Please your little contribution will help us complete this project so that our children can have space for Sunday school, we can have space for other parochial activities. Please Team Missio assist us. $150 will help purchase bags of cement; $500 will help purchase concrete; $250 will help purchase trips of sand; $50 will help purchase frames for the doors; $25 will help purchase pieces of plank. We rely on your willing and generous contributions dear Team Missio

3 months ago

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