Support religious formation for young women, Kenya

Project Leader:

Sister Emma Wambua

The Daughters of Sacred Heart have our formation house based in Nairobi, Kenya and because we have communities in Tanzania and Uganda where we are in contact with many young girls interested in fulfilling their calling and entering religious life. Accessing transport, travelling documents and training materials for these enthusiastic girls is difficult. We are faced with challenge of raising funds to enable them to acquire adequate training. The hope is that they will be empowered to inspire others in their ministry as future religious sisters. Please consider this supporting this project so communities can receive these energetic and inspiring young women to help spread God’s all abiding love.



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hanh donated $50.

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What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps buy textbooks
  • $150 helps transport candidate from neighboring country
  • $250 helps secure travelling documents for candidate

Project Updates

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Peace be with you! Today we received a group of young girls who are supposed to begin their training in Kenya but the travel expenses as a result of COVID 19 have made it impossible for them to come to Kenya. Meanwhile they will be hosted in a community House where extra charges will be incurred. We continue asking people of good will to continue supporting them to accomplish their dreams. Young and enthusiastic, they need training to be able to give back to the society. Wishing you best !

4 days ago

Happy New year team missio! Very grateful for yet another year of God's favour. We celebrate your good work in supporting the pope in his mission. May the lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace! We have been able to receive some young girls from Uganda and Tanzania who are beginning their training this week. We pray for them that they may find service to the poor fulfilling. We promise you our prayers. Keep us in your prayers too. Once again, Happy New Year!

10 days ago

10 days ago

hanh donated $50.

10 days ago

Project Leader:

Emma Wambua
Happy New year Hanh! May the peace of Christ remain with you always! Thanks so much for assisting one of the girls to buy textbooks. Feel very much appreciated. We count on your support.lots of prayers and Best wishes

10 days ago

Hello and blessings of this new month! Today we had a celebration of some of the young girls who have made their commitment to serve the lord in the church.these are girls from Kenya, Uganda and and Tanzania. Let's keep supporting many more to join religious life. Thanks so much for your continued support.May God bless us all

1 month ago

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