Build a High School in Gabon

Project Leader:

Sister Giulia Russo

Sister Giulia is raising money to expand Lycee Don Boscho Academy in Owendo Gabon. Owendo is a port town outside of Libreville built by large business interests in 1988 to house workers on the railroad and other industries. There are 12 primary schools in Owendo, but only two high schools. Following the bankruptcy of those companies, many of the town’s inhabitants are now unemployed. Without secondary schooling, young people growing up have very little options. Lycée Don Bosco opened in 2010. The school just added the 12th grade this year. Sister Giulia is raising money to build new classrooms to accommodate the growing student body, as well as add space for extracurricular activities. Give $20 to help Lycee Don Bosco continue its work building the future of Owendo.



of $5,000 raised

Anonymous donated $50.

ali donated $5.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Buys a desk for one student
  • $100 buys a blackboard for a classroom
  • $250 Helps pay for construction of one new classroom

Project Updates

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Anonymous donated $50.

23 months ago

The first part of the new building is finally built. We still need your generosity for the plumbing, which will give to student access to decent toilets.

32 months ago

ali donated $5.

41 months ago

We were able to start the construction of the new building, which is to accomodate the second cycle, thanks to the local generosity. However, these contributions are not sufficient to complete this project. Our students are currently taking classes with the yard in the background.

52 months ago

52 months ago