Balcony Repair for the Rectory of Jacquesyl, Haiti

Project Leader:

Tracey Tsai

Jacquesyl, Haiti is one of the poorest parishes in the Diocese of Ft. Liberty. The community survives on farming and fishing. Yet, people are so poor that they cannot help with the support of the newly appointed parish priest, Fr. Frantz Augustin. In a short time, he has secured a new roof for the rectory, and painted the parish school. The rectory’s balcony on the 2nd floor needs foundational repairs immediately. Help Fr. Frantz have a safe place to live and where parishioners can visit and receive pastoral services.



of $4,000 raised

Anonymous donated $50.

Carole donated $50.

Laura donated $50.

Louis donated $10.

Anonymous donated $25.

Sandra donated $25.

Elvia Delia donated $50.

Annmarie donated $25.

Ray donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps pay a worker for a day.
  • $100 helps pay for paint.
  • $2,500 helps pay for concrete.

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Dear Ms Tsai, Are you safe from the earthquake?

2 months ago

Anonymous donated $50.

3 months ago

Carole donated $50.

5 months ago

Laura donated $50.

6 months ago

Louis donated $10.

36 months ago

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