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As a MISSIO Fundraiser, you are spreading news about a project and helping it succeed. Share the project you select with friends and family through emails and on social media. Create an event in your parish or school. Below, you can set your fundraising goal and tell us why this project speaks to you. Then spread the word. Click here for tips on how to be a successful fundraiser.

Raise Money for Pope Francis’ Missions
Catholic Mission Fundraising Has Never Been Easier

As a Catholic you’re probably at least vaguely aware of the Church’s missionary outreach. But you probably didn’t realize that you can easily raise money not just for the missions in general, but for a cause or a project that you are particularly passionate about.

With MISSIO’s Catholic crowdfunding platform, you can raise money for the Catholic mission of your choice. Want to help a community in India get clean water, or help communities in Africa and South America get much-needed medical attention? What about building a parish church in Haiti, or empowering women in Ethiopia? No problem. With MISSIO you can raise money for the missions of your choice! Catholic missionary fundraising has never been easier. Join us today!


Need resources to fight COVID-19, Pope’s Missions
Community | United States

This past year may have felt like an endless Good Friday, as we suffered the loss of a loved one or livelihood, or struggled with illness, isolation, food insecurity, and general uncertainty due to CO


Raised: $77,110


Support the Pope's Missions this Easter Season!
Community | United States

Pope Francis calls us all to support the work of his missions around the world. You can extend a message of hope to so many in great need. In Hosanna in northern Ethiopia, food insecurity is a longtim


Raised: $298,314


Combating COVID – 19, Kenya
Health | Kenya

Brother Patrick Njuguna Ngugi is the project leader Combating COVID – 19, Kenya. The Brothers of St. Joseph are trying to do their part in helping the people in their community. There is a need to p


Raised: $4,325


Help Care for the Elderly, Rwanda
Community | Rwanda

The Kibungo Elderly House in Rwanda is run by the Abizeramariya Sisters. The project leader, Sister Eurelie Mukamutarambirwa is requesting support, particularly during these very difficult times. Th


Raised: $3,823


Help Carry out Pastoral Care in Kenya
Community | Kenya

The Sisters of Mary Immaculate in Isiolo, Kenya need financial support in order to care for children, women, and sick elderly. Through social services, vulnerable communities receive food, clothing,


Raised: $2,825


South Sudan Needs You!
Health | United States

South Sudan is hard hit with famine. Conflict and unrest have added to the crisis. Families are seeking shelter, food and care in Catholic hospitals and various health centers. Others are fleeing in s


Raised: $142,472


Construct Multipurpose Hall for Disabled, Kenya
Education | Kenya

The Allamano Special School in the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri is in need of construction and some repairs. The children are mentally challenged, and some have physical impairments too. The Hall w


Raised: $3,729


Food Security in Ethiopia
Health | Ethiopia

The drought and food shortage in Ethiopia has worsened. Right now, In one region of Ethiopia, more than 1,000 mostly expectant mothers, babies and young children have been newly displaced – they are


Raised: $64,602


Support COAR Children's Village, El Salvador
Community | El Salvador

COAR Children’s Village is the Community Oscar Arnulfo Romero, in Zaragoza, El Salvador. COAR Children's Village was founded at the onset of the Salvadoran Civil War in 1980 by Fr. Ken Myers, a priest


Raised: $3,360


Help Elementary Students, St. Joseph School, Haiti
Education | Haiti

St. Joseph School is a parish run school for children K - 12 in the town of L'Asile, Haiti. The school has 600 (about 450 Primary and 150 Secondary) students. Some live in the town of L'Asile and ot


Raised: $3,735


Sister's Outreach against COVID-19 in Kenya
Health | Kenya

The Sisters of Mary of Kakamega operate Chebukaka Farm. The Sisters were founded in 1932 to spread the Good News and foster education of African women so as to uplift their standard of living in a w


Raised: $10,092


Food Security in Olchoro Onyore, Kenya
Health | Kenya

Climate variability is among major threats to food security in the agriculturally based area of Olchoro Onyore, in the Kajiado County, Ngong Diocese in Kenya. In particular, it affects crop production


Raised: $4,485