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Raise Money for Pope Francis’ Missions
Catholic Mission Fundraising Has Never Been Easier

As a Catholic you’re probably at least vaguely aware of the Church’s missionary outreach. But you probably didn’t realize that you can easily raise money not just for the missions in general, but for a cause or a project that you are particularly passionate about.

With MISSIO’s Catholic crowdfunding platform, you can raise money for the Catholic mission of your choice. Want to help a community in India get clean water, or help communities in Africa and South America get much-needed medical attention? What about building a parish church in Haiti, or empowering women in Ethiopia? No problem. With MISSIO you can raise money for the missions of your choice! Catholic missionary fundraising has never been easier. Join us today!


Pope Francis' COVID-19 Emergency Solidarity Fund
Health | United States

The Pope has established this Emergency Solidarity Fund to come to the aid of those people and communities who are being tragically impacted by the spread of COVID-19 in the Pope’s missions, as it s


Raised: $198,209


Support the Pope's Missions!
Community | United States

Pope Francis calls us all to support the work of his missions around the world. You can extend a message of hope to so many in great need. You can answer the call of Pope Francis made during his visit


Raised: $189,793


St. Joseph Brothers Support Families in Kenya
Health | Kenya

The religious congregation of Brothers of Saint Joseph was founded in 1947, and today assist in pastoral activities in Kenya, including teaching catechism in the parishes and schools, and general ad


Raised: $9,320


Covid-19 Emergency Appeal (Phase II), Pakistan
Health | Pakistan

The Christian Community of St. Dominic Parish Bahawalpur are mostly daily wagers and brick kiln and cannot go out to work due to complete lock down by government. Due to the uncertain rains and weathe


Raised: $1,130


Budget Support for Oldest African Seminary
Health | Uganda

Katigondo Seminary, founded by the Missionaries of Africa, has been at its present location in 1911. It is the first seminary south of the Sahara in modern times. The first ordination took place in


Raised: $5,890


Covid – 19 Emergency Food Supply, Uganda
Community | Uganda

The lockdown in Uganda due to the Covid – 19 pandemic is now 45 days and counting. This is an unprecedented time for the world and families in Luweero are faced with the harsh reality of hunger. Fat


Raised: $685


South Sudan Needs You!
Health | United States

South Sudan is hard hit with famine. Conflict and unrest have added to the crisis. Families are seeking shelter, food and care in Catholic hospitals and various health centers. Others are fleeing in s


Raised: $115,065


Food Security in Ethiopia
Health | Ethiopia

The drought and food shortage in Ethiopia has worsened. Right now, In one region of Ethiopia, more than 1,000 mostly expectant mothers, babies and young children have been newly displaced – they are


Raised: $41,655


Help Secure Water in Tanks in Uganda
Education | Uganda

A real and significant challenge for the community at large and students of neighboring school is lack of clean water. The school itself is located in a rural area and children must walk long distanc


Raised: $905


Care for Vulnerable, Covid-19 Lockdown, Kenya
Health | Kenya

Poor countries are facing the choice of trying to save people stricken by the coronavirus only to face hunger and perish. Families are turning to churches asking for food. This project is set to hel


Raised: $525


COVID-19 Response for Medical Staff & Villagers
Health | United States

Our Lady of Fatima Medical Clinic is urgently concerned for the lives of nearly 9,000 people in rural Tanzania. Often these families do not have even their basic needs met on a daily basis and it is t


Raised: $550


Sisters of Kakamega Create Jobs
Health | Kenya

Sisters of Mary of Kakamega Babiton farm near Kitale Town in Kenya, also includes Emmanuel Primary School and a residence for the Sisters. The main objective of the farm is to grow high quality prod


Raised: $7,485