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As a MISSIO Fundraiser, you are spreading news about a project and helping it succeed. Share the project you select with friends and family through emails and on social media. Create an event in your parish or school. Below, you can set your fundraising goal and tell us why this project speaks to you. Then spread the word. Click here for tips on how to be a successful fundraiser.

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If you’re passionate about helping children in disadvantaged circumstances get a good education, receive much-needed medical attention, and grow in the Catholic Faith, then MISSIO has the fundraisers for kids you’ll be happy to get behind.

MISSIO’s crowdfunding platform—the only platform fueled by Pope Francis’ Pontifical Missions Societies—raises money for kids in missionary territories. By partnering with us, you can help build a kindergarten in Malawi, repair a girls’ school in Cameroon, staff a school in the Dominican Republic, sponsor a child for the school year in India, and so much more! Join us today and support the many missions for kids on MISSIO’s crowdfunding platform.


Maintenance of St. Benoit Parish Center in Senegal
Community | Senegal

St Benoit serves a total of 7 parishes in the city of Ziguinchor in the southern part of Senegal. The place used as a parish center is in need of a lot of repair. During inclement weather it is a chal


Raised: $1,509