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As a MISSIO Fundraiser, you are spreading news about a project and helping it succeed. Share the project you select with friends and family through emails and on social media. Create an event in your parish or school. Below, you can set your fundraising goal and tell us why this project speaks to you. Then spread the word. Click here for tips on how to be a successful fundraiser.

How to Start a Fundraiser to Eradicate World Hunger
Help the Catholic Missions Get Food for the Poor

“Famine” may sound like a word out of the ancient Biblical past, but it’s not. For many people spread throughout the Catholic missions in areas like Ethiopia or South Sudan, food is increasingly scarce thanks to widespread famine. But you can help change that!

Join MISSIO—powered by Pope Francis’ Pontifical Missions Societies—as we work to eradicate world hunger. Start a Catholic fundraiser on our crowdfunding platform today, and together we’ll get food to people in famine plagued areas throughout the world.


Emergency appeal, Pakistan
Health | Pakistan

Father Khalil Maqsood of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, Rehampur Okaram, Pakistan is leading this project, requesting financial support for the people of the village who are very poor. This villa


Raised: $3,763


COVID-19 crisis plan, brick kiln workers, Pakistan
Health | Pakistan

Brick kiln workers are the poorest segment of the society in Pakistan. Father Shamas Simon of the parish of St Francis needs support in order to help this much affected community of laborers. The Co


Raised: $3,330


Mission Sisters Create Jobs in Rural Nigeria
Health | Nigeria

Louis Bautain Farm in Nigeria needs support. Located in a rural area of Issele Uku Diocese of Delta State. The Sisters of St Louis Nigeria Province have worked and lived here among the people sinc


Raised: $9,793