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As a MISSIO Fundraiser, you are spreading news about a project and helping it succeed. Share the project you select with friends and family through emails and on social media. Create an event in your parish or school. Below, you can set your fundraising goal and tell us why this project speaks to you. Then spread the word. Click here for tips on how to be a successful fundraiser.

Everyone Needs Clean Water
Start a Clean Water Fundraiser

Clean water is a basic human necessity. Without it we’re plagued by sickness and death. Sadly, there are many areas in the world where clean water is hard to come by. And every day children in countries like Africa and India die from lack of clean drinking water. But what can you do to help kids on the other side of the world?

You can start a Catholic fundraiser for clean water on MISSIO, the only crowdfunding platform powered by Pope Francis’ Pontifical Missions Societies! With your help we can get clean water for the missions in places like Africa, India, Thailand, and South America. Join us, and start a water fundraiser today!


Bring safe drinking water to this mission in India
Community | India

Deforestation in the district of Lalitpur in the region of Bundelkhand in India has made tribal populations turn to farming of higher castes in return for their livelihood. The people face challeng


Raised: $3,763


Borehole for Agriculture in Nyeri, Kenya
Community | Kenya

The Brothers of St. Joseph is a religious Congregation of Men in the Catholic Church based in Mweiga in Nyeri County- Kenya, under the Archdiocese of Nyeri. Requesting kind assistance with phase one o


Raised: $481


Holy Rosary Hostel Borehole Project, Part 2
Community | Kenya

The Sisters of the Sacred Heart run Holy Rosary Hostel for disadvantaged young women. The Sisters are in urgent need of a borehole to supply the hostel and the surrounding community constant clean and


Raised: $1,295