Choose a project. Set your goal. Spread the word.

As a MISSIO Fundraiser, you are spreading news about a project and helping it succeed. Share the project you select with friends and family through emails and on social media. Create an event in your parish or school. Below, you can set your fundraising goal and tell us why this project speaks to you. Then spread the word. Click here for tips on how to be a successful fundraiser.

How to Raise Money for Agricultural Missions
Become the Pope’s “Green” Fundraiser

If you’ve decided to answer Pope Francis’ call to support the missions, and you’re looking for an easy way to fundraise, then look no further than MISSIO’s crowdfunding platform.

Now you can become the Pope’s “green fundraiser” by championing one of the Catholic missions’ agricultural projects on our platform. With your help a community of sisters can feed families in Africa. You can help build a free-range chicken farm in Cameroon. Or train the young people of Nigeria to grow their own food. So if you’re looking for the best ways to fundraise for the Catholic missions, look no further than MISSIO.